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Early Cretaceous dinosaurs are a group of prehistoric animals that lived during the Early Cretaceous period. They were some of the first creatures to live on Earth after it cooled from its molten state. These primitive reptiles thrived in this environment and became extinct about 100 million years ago.


What dinosaurs were found in the Early Cretaceous period?

Early Cretaceous dinosaurs were a group of ankylosaurids, ceratopsid herbivores and ornithopods.

What are the characteristics of Early Cretaceous dinosaurs?

Some Early Cretaceous dinosaurs had beaks, frills or horns on their heads and backs. They were herbivores that fed on plants and shrubs.

How big were the dinosaurs of the Early Cretaceous?

The average size of an Early Cretaceous dinosaur was about the same as that of a human being (about two meters long). However, some, such as Sauroposeidon, reached lengths of up to 30 meters, which is more than three times the length of a blue whale. Other species, such as Parasaurolophus, reached more than 4 meters in height and had necks of up to 6 meters.

What type of environment did they live in during this period?

Most Early Cretaceous dinosaurs lived in swampy, warm and humid habitats.

What is the most famous dinosaur of the Early Cretaceous?

Sauroposeidon was one of the largest land animals that walked the Earth, at 30 meters long. Other known Early Cretaceous dinosaurs are "Ankylosaurus", "Pachycephalosaurus" and "Triceratops". These three species were part of a group called ankylosaurids, ceratopsid herbivores and ornithopods respectively, all found during this period.

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