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Herbivores are a type of plant-eating dinosaur. They were herbivores and had many teeth to grind hard plant materials. They ranged in size from the smallest, such as the "compys", to giants like Brachiosaurus, which could measure more than 30 meters. Herbivores also came in many shapes and sizes: some had round heads with short necks, while others had longer necks with thinner heads. Some herbivorous dinosaurs lived on land, while others lived in water or swamps.


What is the name of a large herbivorous dinosaur?

A large herbivorous dinosaur is called Brachiosaurus and could reach more than 30 meters in length.

What do herbivore teeth look like?

Herbivores have chisel-shaped front teeth, which are used to gnaw on wood or hard seeds. They also have broad, flat molars at the back of the mouth for grinding hard plant tissues.

How big were most herbivorous dinosaurs and how much did they weigh?

Most herbivorous dinosaurs were the size of a car or truck and weighed about ten tons.

What types of herbivores are there?

There are four main groups: beaked herbivores, such as Triceratops; long-necked herbivores, such as Camptosaurus; short-headed herbivores (such as Diplodocus); and duck herbivores (such as Edmontosaurus).

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