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Quick Facts
Length12.00 meters

Acrocanthosaurus was a very large genus discovered in Atoka County, Oklahoma in the 1940s and 2006. It inhabited areas of North America, which constitute the present-day U.S. states of Wyoming, Texas and Oklahoma. 

Acrocanthosaurus was a bipedal predator. The literal meaning of its name is "high-spined lizard," due to its unique physical appearance. It had tall neural spines on many of its vertebrae, which probably supported a ridge of muscle over the animal's neck, back and hips or to appear larger when fighting for mates and territory with other predators. 

Acrocanthosaurus was almost as large, and certainly as deadly as Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was 35 feet long and weighed five to six tons. It was the largest theropod in North America. It had a large head, strong hind legs, a long tail and many sharp teeth to devour its prey. However, Acrocanthosaurus was the fourth largest predatory species despite its enormous physical stature. Its diet consisted of meat and it most likely hunted ornithopods and sauropods.

These creatures were super predators, a bloodthirsty type. During the Mesozoic Era. It hunted by sneaking up on victims from behind, sinking its claws into them, and holding its ground while chewing like crazy. 

The brain of this predator was roughly S-shaped; it showed a highly developed sense of smell.


Is Acrocanthosaurus bigger than T Rex?

Acrocanthosaurus had D-shaped teeth that eventually narrowed, shortened, and became more curved as they grew from the back of the mouth. They had 14-17 teeth that resembled serrations, with serrated edges and were continually shed and replaced.

What did the acrocanthosaurus eat?

Acrocanthosaurus was carnivorous, so basically its main diet was meat. It hunted Ornithopods and Sauropods.

Where was Acrocanthosaurus found?

Acrocanthosaurus fossils were found primarily in the U.S. states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.

Where did they live?

When did they live?

What was your diet?

Who discovered them?

What kind of dinosaurs are they?

What type of species are they?

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Fun Facts

  • Acrocanthosaurus was known for its "neural spines".
  • Acrocanthosaurus was the fourth largest carnivore during the Mezoic Era.
  • Acrocanthosaurus fed on Hadrosaurs and Sauropods.
  •  Acrocanthosaurus is classified as a "carcharodontosaurus" theropod.
  •  Acrocanthosaurus lived in what we know today as North America.

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