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The Late Triassic Period is a time period that took place more than 200 million years ago. The Earth during this time period had just recovered from the Permian-Triassic extinction event and was beginning to cool again. Plants were becoming the main source of food, while insects were becoming less and less common. There are many different types of Late Triassic dinosaurs, but most of them have flat teeth and small heads with large bodies. Examples of Late Triassic dinosaur names include Dilophosaurus and Coelophysis.


What was the largest dinosaur of the Late Triassic?

The largest creature known from this period was Spinosaurus, which weighed about seven tons. The main prey of this predator would have been other large animals such as Edaphosaurus or Iguanadon.

What was the Earth like during the Late Triassic Period?

The Earth was still quite warm and the continents were beginning to move to their present positions. The largest land animals of the Late Triassic were spiky-skinned, plant-eating creatures such as Edaphosaurus or Iguanadon.

What is a famous Late Triassic dinosaur?

One of the most famous dinosaurs of this period is Coelophysis, one of the earliest known predatory dinosaurs that walked on two legs instead of four. They had long necks with flat teeth for chewing plants; they lived mainly during what geologists call "the vegetarian era" because meat was not yet available as an option for them.

What are some particular features and characteristics of the reptiles of the Late Triassic Period?

One of the most notable features of Late Triassic reptiles is their dentition. They had flat, leaf-shaped teeth that helped them chew plants or meat if they were lucky enough to find it during this time period before animals became dominant on land.

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