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Quick Facts
Weight100,000 kilos
Length35 meters
Height21.4 meters

Argentinosaurus was a genuinely massive herbivore that lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited South America. It was named after the nation of Argentina, where it was discovered. Argentinosaurus ate the leaves that grew on the upper branches of tall trees. 

Did you know that after its discovery, it was named as the largest animal, both living and extinct, to ever walk on our planet? Indeed, and it shook the world of paleontology to its foundations. It had a very long neck and tail. 

It reproduced by laying up to 15 eggs, and after hatching, it continued to grow until it reached its adult size, around 15 years old....

Imagine this dinosaur grew to over 100 feet long, about the same size as the width of a soccer field, and weighing over 80 tons. That's huge! 

For the record, Argentinosaurus had an extant skeletal reconstruction that provides a basis for its claim as the largest of the thunder lizards. 

The name Argentinosaurus means "Argentine lizard", and belongs to a group of dinosaurs known as sauropods.

Is the argentinosaurus the largest dinosaur?

Of course it is! After its discovery it was named the largest dinosaur that walked on our planet.

How did Argentinosaurus defend itself?

Since the Argentinosaurus had an enormous size with a long tail, it could use it to attack predators that blocked its path.

Is Argentinosaurus a carnivore?

No, Argentinosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur that ate leaves growing on the upper branches of tall trees. 

Where did they live?

When did they live?

What was your diet?

Who discovered them?

What kind of dinosaurs are they?

What type of species are they?

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Fun Facts

  • The name Argentinosaurus means: "Argentine lizard".
  • Argentinosaurus belongs to a group of dinosaurs known as sauropods.
  • Argentinosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs known to have walked the planet.
  • Argentinosaurus was a herbivore.
  • The Argentinosaurus laid eggs and was the size of a beach ball.

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