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Quick Facts
Weight2000 kg
Length5 meters
Height3 meters

Pachycephalosaurus was a herbivore that lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited North America. The name Pachycephalosaurus means "thick-headed lizard". It was known as the "King of the Boneheads" because of its 10-inch thick bony mass on the top of its head. It was the largest known domed-headed dinosaur. 

Do you know how thick the bone of the Pachycephalosaurus, which protects the brain, is? Well, the one protecting its brain was 10 times thicker than normal dinosaur skulls or 30 times thicker than a human skull - amazing!

Remember the bone mass I mentioned? Pachycephalosaurs engage in head-butting battles of domination; it's their strongest defensive weapon, and it was built right in. It had long, sturdy legs that it used to run towards its enemy and kept its tail straight for balance, similar to an arrow being launched towards a target. In addition, they had small spikes on their nose and sharp frills on the back of their head that would scare a stranger away to come closer.

Although its teeth were similar to those of a carnivore, research shows that it probably fed on low plants relatively close to the ground. It is also possible that this dinosaur also lived on insects. 

The Pachycephalosaurus belonged to a group of ornithischian dinosaurs, which meant it had hips like a bird. It was 15 feet long, from skull to tail, and weighed about 660 pounds.

How fast is a pachycephalosaurus?

Unfortunately, the maximum speed of the pachycephalosaur is still unknown.

What did the pachycephalosaurus eat?

Despite its carnivorous-looking tooth structure, scientists still believe that the pachycephalosaur was a herbivorous dinosaur. They usually ate hardy plants, but sometimes also fruits and seeds.

Did the Pachycephalosaurus live in herds?

Yes, they did! The Pachycephalosaurus lived in herds and fiercely protected the young.

How thick is the skull of a pachycephalosaur?

The Pachycephalosaurus could be 9 inches thick.

What did a pachycephalosaurus look like?

The pachycephalosaur had a dome-shaped skull formed by a thick mass of solid bone growing over the small brain. The pachycephalosaur was 15-16 feet long, and stood on two legs. It had two short arms with five toes each. The skull was covered with armor and spikes. It had a small snout that ended in a pointed beak. Its neck was "S" or "U" shaped and its teeth were tiny, with leaf-shaped crowns.

Is Stygimoloch a pachycephalosaur?

Yes, Stygimoloch was almost the same as a pachycephalosaur.

Where did they live?

When did they live?

What was your diet?

Who discovered them?

What kind of dinosaurs are they?

What type of species are they?

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Fun Facts

  • The name Pachycephalosaurus means "thick-headed lizard".
  • The dome-shaped head of a pachycephalosaur is believed to have been used by males for mating or chasing rival mates.
  • Pachycephalosaurs were vegetarian dinosaurs that lived on a mixed diet of leaves, seeds, fruits and insects.
  • The name of the Pachycephalosaurus is pronounced: "pak-ee-SEF-uh-lo-SAWR-us".
  • Pachycephalosaurus had a skull 30 times thicker than that of a human. 

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