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Quick Facts
Weight1600 kilos
Length3 meters
Height1 meter

Minmi was the best known of all armored dinosaurs found in north-central Queensland from the period about 105 million years ago. It was a small herbivorous ankylosaurid dinosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous period of Australia. 

The specimen found had 11 vertebrae, parts of at least 14 ribs, some armor and a partial foot. 

Minmi walked on all fours and had a long tail. It had bony body armor on its body. This herbivore had horizontal plates of bones running along the sides of its vertebrae. Minmi had four short legs, a short neck and a broad skull with a small brain. It moved relatively slowly.

Scientists estimate its length to be 3 meters, and its weight to be about 300 kilograms. Minmi used its long limbs to seek shelter under bushes when threatened by large predators. It had eaten lowland plant material such as cycads, ferns, horsetail reeds, etc.

What does minmi mean?

The significance is uncertain, but it refers to the place where this specimen was mistakenly thought to have been found.

What did the minmi dinosaur eat?

Minmi was a herbivore and may have eaten lowland plant material such as cycads, ferns, horsetail sedges, etc.

Where did they live?

When did they live?

What was your diet?

Who discovered them?

What kind of dinosaurs are they?

What type of species are they?

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geological time 3

Fun Facts

  • Minmi was the only known ankylosaur from Australia.
  • It was found in north-central Queensland that is 105 million years old.
  • Minmi was bipedal or walked on two legs.
  • It was a herbivore.

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