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Do you know what the national animal of Uruguay is? It's not a llama. That's right, it's an extinct dinosaur called the Uruguayan titanosaur. There are many other dinosaurs that lived in Uruguay, and they all have interesting stories to tell. Come explore these amazing creatures with me!


What is the size of the Uruguayan dinosaurs?

The Uruguayan titanosaur was as tall as an average school bus and weighed about 11 tons.

What colors were the Uruguayan dinosaurs?

In Uruguay there were all kinds of dinosaurs living there, not just one kind! Some were mainly green with yellow stripes, while others looked like they were straight out of a jungle adventure movie. What color do you think your favorite Uruguayan dinosaur is?

How does an extinct Uruguayan dinosaur live today?

If your favorite Uruguayan dinosaur became extinct a long time ago, don't worry: it is still possible to see photos and videos of them on the Internet or in museums. A great place to explore what Uruguayans know about these creatures is the Museo de los Dinosaurios de Uruguay, in the capital, Montevideo.

See our complete list of Uruguayan dinosaurs below.

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