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Hechos Rápidos
Peso50000 kilos
Longitud21 metros
Altura13 metros

Alamosaurus was a herbivore that lived in the Late Cretaceous period and inhabited North America. It was first discovered in San Juan County, New Mexico. It was named after Ojo Alamo in New Mexico, where the first specimens were found early in 1922. Alamosaurus became extinct at the very end of the Mesozoic Era, during the mass extinction episode that wiped out many other species. 

It was a member of the Sauropod dinosaur lineage. Sauropods were known for not only the largest dinosaurs but also the largest land animals ever to evolve. Alamosaurus belonged to a large Titanosaur,‭ ‬the most common group of more advanced Sauropod dinosaurs. It was a gigantic gigantic quadrupedal herbivore with a long neck and tail and relatively long limbs. The body was at least partly covered in bony armor. Alamosaurus could have grown to enormous sizes about 10 times more than African elephants. 

The skull of Alamosaurus was unknown but a rod-shaped teeth had been found along with Alamosaurus skeletons and probably belonged to this dinosaur. They preferred a semi-arid climate, with open plains, instead of a forest environment full of swamps. It shared an environment with the giant pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus, which also preferred similar biomes.

 Alamosaurus reached around 60 feet long and weighed about 30 tons or even bigger.

¿Qué comieron los alamosaurus?

El Alamosaurus era un herbívoro que comía plantas, cícadas, helechos, coníferas o plantas con flores.

¿Qué significa alamosaurio?

Alamosaurus significa «Lagarto del Álamo» basado en una enorme tibia incompleta que probablemente se refiere a ella.

¿Dónde se encontró el Alamosaurus?

El Alamosaurus fue descubierto por primera vez en el condado de San Juan, Nuevo México. Fue nombrado por Ojo Alamo en Nuevo México, donde los primeros especímenes fueron encontrados a principios de 1922. 

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Hechos Divertidos

  • El Alamosaurus fue un gigantesco dinosaurio come-plantas del período Cretácico Superior.
  •  Fue Charles W. Gilmore quien descubrió el fósil del Alamosaurus. 
  • Fue nombrado después de una formación de arenisca de Nuevo México. Esa formación de arenisca es conocida como Ojo Alamo.
  •  El Alamosaurus tenía una cabeza pequeña.
  •  El Alamosaurus vivía junto al Tiranosaurio Rex.

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